TopicThe Glycemic Index List - Incorporating the Glycemic Index List Into Your Diet

  • Mon 3rd Feb 2020 - 6:31am

    Remember that GI only measures how fast a particular type of food raises Diabetes Freedom Review your blood glucose, so if you need to lower your blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes you will need to reduce the amount of carbohydrate content in your diet. Make sure that you read food labels very closely as they can actually have a high sugar content but claim to be a low GI food.

    Diabetes is a very serious ailment that claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Known clinically as diabetes mellitus, it a condition where the body does not generate enough insulin, a hormone that the pancreas synthesizes to regulate and absorb glucose, and turn it into energy for the body. Sometimes, it does produce enough insulin but does not respond adequately to it. There are people who experience both. There are different types of diabetes, others involving the body failing to produce adequate amounts of the hormone and others where the body simply is unable to process the insulin produced.

    What should the dietary habits of a diabetic be. It is very important that the diabetic practice good eating habits. The first thing they need to observe is abstinence from certain foods. For the diabetic, regular snacks should be avoided. In place of snacks the diabetic should cultivate a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Chocolates should also be avoided and if they're eaten they should be restricted to dark chocolates.

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