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  • Mon 22nd Oct 2018 - 9:57am

    How to stay healthy and beautiful?

    With the above post it may be concluded:
    1. Follow nature, i.e, animals with no-intellect live unconsciously (or spontaneously) and Hypnosis-live   they stay healthy and beautiful unless their routine is disturbed manually or by crucial circumstances.
    2. Sense organs must not be used to harm because whatever is passed through them is stored in us and provides impact (constructive or destructive).
    3. Being vegetarian is the best practice. Vegetables are highly suitable for body and if depends entirely may show a reflection of balanced mind-body. Agitative substances are least in green vegetables and contains good quantity of nutrients.

    Somatic movement education is a system of neuromuscular education that allows more ease and freedom of movement in our bodies. It teaches us to recognise and release chronic patterns of pain, caused by repetitive strain, bad posture, injury or stress. These simple, slow exercises are normally performed comfortably on the floor, and can unwind and unlock the holding patterns in the neuromuscular systems that can cause so many deep rooted physical problems.




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