TopicWorking Together, Separately (Or, Why I Hate Managing Self Storage and Will Never Go Back to It)

  • Thu 26th Mar 2020 - 5:54am

    The idea of going into our own business was not realistic at that point (no funds, no collateral),Water Freedom System Review  so we set out to find an industry that would hire a married couple to work as a team. Finally we spotted a help wanted ad in the paper for a self storage resident management couple to live on site and manage the ins and outs of a self storage facility. The job description was enticing and sounded like it was right up our alley, not to mention the fact that experience in self storage was not required, so we decided to jointly apply, and we were hired.

    We moved into the on-site apartment, nervously enthusiastic about getting started on our new endeavor. We had already began planning our strategy as far as how we would assume our joint management responsibilities and how we would divide up the specifics of each task that we were expected to accomplish as a team. My spouse is the more outgoing verbal 'people person', while I'm the 'behind the scenes' administrative one, so we naturally decided to work with that, and incorporate our individual strengths and weaknesses to get the job done. Of course there's always a learning curve, but for the most part, based on the job description we had received, we were cautiously confident that we pretty much had it figured out.


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