TopicNew Diet - Do I Have To?

  • Wed 5th Aug 2020 - 6:14am

    Despite all your good intentions, the mirror cannot lie. The saggy Slim Naturals Review   form you see every morning is you, whether you like it or not. You can breathe in, turn sideways, do whatever you want, but you can't alter the fact that what you see is not a pretty sight.

    A casual look through your bookshelves reveals a row of diet books, thumbed and well worn. You can't bring yourself to do a diet again. The memory of the pain and suffering, the ill-temper, the hunger are still very clear in your mind. What to do? Stay as you are maybe? That's not really an option. The mirror has revealed a picture that you don't want to see again. A new diet? Maybe you'll have to go online or tramp off to the book shop to see what you can find...the misery!

    The diet dilemma affects so many people. They have tried practically every diet in the book, and none of them seem to work. The weight just comes back again. It's very, very boring. What about a pill? Diet pills are very popular. Should you try one? The thought of taking some unknown chemical mix does not fill you with much enthusiasm. Do they really know what effect the ingredients will have? What if some horror story about a weight loss pill comes to the surface in the future? The risk is not one you want to take.


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