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    Right away someone strong line of weapon that accepts to walk them, someone symbolizes a sexual flounder, was on the contrary pulled by the oneself person, "afraid of?We are more than their person!""Shut up, didn't you dided not see eldest brother in the their hand?" Liao learns a soldier goes toward bald donkey headman person heap once the inside push and say:"Hereafter don't come again to pick up quarrel, you aren't opponents.Vinaceous Rosefinch bridge with the west, the first of hooligan, you remembered for me." Week blessing original leg feet a soft, hand a side person in time, just be unlikely to roll to pour, soft-voiced way:"The thing is very painful, send me to go to a hospital quickly, don't tell you the elder brother's wife ……" "Blessing original elder brother, have no so seriously?I have a sunflower treasure Dian here, do you want to try?"The small white loudly calls a way. "Roll!" The skinheads' person,such as tidewater, backs cleanly, Liao learns a soldier cold the face say:"Small white, you took this kind of you to get hurt again the same old things move being chopped down to fool me.I have already said a lot of times, we are to have culture and speak the person of character James Harden Arizona State Jersey, do what have to have a creativity.All things a but again and again but three of repeated, will make people lose patience, take 500 a Suo Ni company of the strong business enterprises in the world to speak, they ……" "Stop, stop!Elder brother Bing, even if I am just senior high school to graduate, however these abstruse truth you have already analyzed a lot of times with us, I deeply have been already realized and deeply have been already realized, Be born firmly in mind to heart everyday."Put on to open a blood of face, the leaf small white somehow was a handsome youth, he surprised way:"Ah, eldest brother, the your left hand got hurt and sought a clinic to bandage?" "Skin external injury just, unimportant."Liao learns dead determined to save face, the soldier makes a pretense of a milli- inattentive:"I sought a new work and led to go to work for two days and started me formal life.Is small white, you hereafter be eldest brother, south younger brother, you help tube finance." "!What nerve do you deliver again?"The small white vomited spittle.Half year comes to same words, he has already for ten timesed say, lead one each time ten day, half month he meeting the ash slip away of make a phone call to say:"Got the order of the boot ……" then re- take a to mix for brothers Si. All more than 30 under charges noodles takes derisive lo he."I escort for seven days, 100 piece.""My wager he gets the order of the boot for ten days, 200 piece.""Pei!He is that piece of to anticipate to be a teacher, I the wager is three days." Liao's learning the soldier's sense of pride is deeply stimulated Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, metal gray the face across electric cell car and abandon 1:"We ride donkey to see song text and play by ear!"Leave no track but go to. "The eldest brother is an eldest brother, there is personality."The leaf small white says. "Elder brother Bing's mental state contains problem, you can't understand."Tied the southern younger brother of the flamboyant and red turban to absorb smoke and quietly say. "The younger brother of the south takes out money and ascend us tonight the road is to the Tong city red flour mill night club.Autumn, you take maimed brothers rock lane India three open of the clinic, cheap there."The leaf small white rides a double tailpipe Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, 250 cc row quantity of brand-new motorcycle, say:"Lay by knife, we set out." He secretly whispers:" Is a hooligan of does he like to open to break an electric cell car to is also mental problem?" All night long, not intentional sleep.Ao water apartment is 502 numbers, the light of the hall is still bright.Till this time, Liao's learning a soldier has already felt sick of this kind of monotone to lifelessly work, can he still has to insist, even don't dare to have a silk to be slacken.The fountain-pen changed four tube inks, two boxes of cigarettes also about finished absorbing, cigarette ash be all over the floor blown about by the breeze, also have already written misprint with tore the next paper. "-!Rat!"The down stairs doesn't know which house spread one suddenly to bellow, laceration quite night sky.Immediately after someone shouts again:"Call what call?Cry to lose?" Liao learns a soldier in distress situation, be devoted to continue to work hard. Liao learns a soldier in distress situation, be devoted to continue to work hard. In the sky when moon Gao started to rise sharply he ate a pail of instant noodles, he drank one glass water when the moon fell in.It has been a night since ignoramus leadsed.The sky gradually bright hall, started having some people of morning exercises, pushed the uncle of small car also at along the street call to sell a steamed stuffed bun of plain wheat roll, the vehicle slowly became many, down stairs of the lane son start for quarreling of a day again. Once stretched a lazy waist Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, rubbed shadowy eyes, achievement looking at table's topped for hard days and one nights, can not help deeply worrying, until now, he finish copying Volume 1, equal to 1/6 of senior high school three years. Go to toilet to wash face, see a mirror, oneself poured to give he or she a fright, the eyelid of puffiness, jet black and big rim of eye, the beard residue of sob, become the hair of bird's nest indiscriminately, being one to wander about the streets men to all compare him this shape is handsome and natural and unrestrained. "Calculate, tired get not presentable son, I am in a short while still a nap, get up a research counterplan again.Chiu is big strange, you harm me so miserably, and I do ghost to can't pass yours, either." Who know an and lie to ascend the quilt of the contact softness to bed, enjoy the moderate breezes in morning, don't wish any further.Have a few beautiful dreams in a row, dream their oneself's place in a full with flower and grasses, be surrounded by several female kids Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey. Until the sunlight once wore a window to shine on on his bottom, just the lazy ocean ocean pickeds up once the cellular phone see and immediately get a shock and rolled down from the bed, already in the afternoon 2:00, be apart from yesterday and settled next end term to leave for short short four hours, even if make him grow ten more hands, five heads, also still too late, how can this do? Continue again to copy down to go, will never be way. The slip that wrinkly Ba expects is from the dress Dou in drop out, up write the telephone number of Smith's madam.Liao learned a soldier to order smoke, Duo the one punch tread son, deliberate very long and stir a telephone. "Admire?"Is a very the voice line of Ping-ho is from the heapdhone in spread, make he the fidgety heart felt equanimity many. "You, how are you, Smith's madam Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, I am Liao to learn a soldier."Just spoke words, that was hoarse to get to compare the sand paper dozen voice that whets timber frightens oneself not and lightly, originally after a night of toil, vocal cord already the variation kind is matchless. ", Liao is you, I guess that you definitely completed handout?" "Didn't°yet, madam, have already told you before I think, I have no from the industry career, I really could not seek the way of solving this problem."Liao learns a soldier to have grow a pain the desire doesn't living of felling. "Since solution not, that why do you just make a phone call to me this time?Already at 2:00, you still have four hours."Sounding the voice of Smith's madam is a bit upset. Liao learns a soldier but is very happy, "madam, say so that you will help me?" "I have a friend, she has already been 20 years of teacher from language in senior high school, you borrow° from her a few handouts, then make change to write to have you the cover of name, so can hand over bad, I can't be criticized that the misuse authority appoints the greenhorn of milli- inexperience by the board of directors, either.I have already contacted with her, she promises." "Too like, madam, you are too lovely!"Liao learns a soldier to hear this almost incredible surprise and joyfully called 1. "Regret of BE, the road has a little far, so you have to immediately rush through in the past, then fought for to take a handout to appear in president's office by 6:00.She call Ji quick, is an even ox horn area pear in state City spend the language teacher of school for girls and grade pair director, this is her telephone, you remembered."

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