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    Is small and soft to listen to, slightly show to lose true voice through the electric wave, he can realize the president's heart palpitates is some hurriedly.The person who mostly is placed in to adore a period is having intention to by accident hear the name of adoring the object, will present dissimilarity strange appearance, even if be like president that old man, is unavoidably still. By dint of this, Liao learns a soldier to make sure that the president has to Smith's madam improper of think Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, not the words of unexpected happening, should be placed in to like a period and have pure good will to the other party, and absolutely ashamed make the other people know. "I said hello to Smith's madam at that time, she invited me to together sit with her.We talked for a long time, from the weather to tour, have no don't chat, surprisingly Smith's madam is unexpectedly so reasonable and easy to get along with, and the her calmly cool attitude is also infected I."Liao learns a soldier the plait rise leasing to be like really similar. "BE?Smith's madam is worth other people's loving and respecting."The president has no idea he why suddenly speaks of this, however he still keeps really hoping to hear the topic concerning Smith's madam.([Infinite novel net][www.txt 53. coms]) "Smith's madam says she weekly will a person sits for a while in that coffee shop and spends a leisurely and carefree afternoon, she says that someone is really good with the felling that she chat, hopes next week also similar ability someone accompany her to drink coffee together, had better encounter of that kind of.Ha ha, Mr. president, with your so many useless talkses, really ashamed, we see again next time." "Feed, etc., can tell me the name of that coffee shop?" Liao learns soldier's in the mind to laugh wildly, old guy, your wanting doesn't take the bait of words I also really take you can't!Intentionally for a while, say with the unable to decide voice:", Because the business that rushes into a busy handout today unexpectedly give°ed the name of that coffee shop to forget!" The president ambiguously listens to Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, he has an idea of making difficulties for:"You what power of memory is this ?" "I return to give it a bit of thought hard and wait after personal interview is qualified this afternoon, I again tell you!"This in fact has the meaning of an allusion at in, as long as the president not and secretly descends Ban son, it makes me pass smoothly, I will definitely say and believe his intelligence quotient, can listen to understandly. "H'm, want more, fight for wanting out, consider as to toughen memory."Not president's favour Die says. After accepting line, see, nearly at 2:30, compute for a while a route of travel, rush through to even state City still now in time.He comes out doorway, feels very hungry, the whole body is tired, but time holds up not get, helpless under only strong line of endurance. Is too hurried on the building way Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, see road not enough cautiously, right against the face collide with each other with a petite body.Liao learned a soldier to just want to say sorry, that person lifted up head to see his one eye and exclaimed a , suddenly retreated several steps, shrunk by the side of the corner of wall up.Is exactly a lately- moved girl yesterday afternoon, wore to pack very light, the round and smooth high thigh exposed up in the air, looked to keep an eye it to. "What's the matter with you?"Liao learned a soldier to think to knock and break her. Girl Zheng circle eyes, in the air of fear to gradually spread to go Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey, dynasty he orders and says:"Is sorry!"Twist a head to run, wink not to see person. "Did this kid see ghost?" He doesn't know he image and ghost at the moment compares bad not how much, pale of face, black eye, loose hair and stagnant vision.The bad form that associated to face a girl yesterday bad form, suddenly on seeing go, is trivial as well as terrible, still keep"intentionally" colliding oneself, protected to prohibit and do what mean plot, no wonder that that girl frightenned almost to scare to death. Also no matter how image lost face, multiply by to rent a car to arrive at the north city area station.The traveller isn't too many, sell a hall very quiet, only some persons who will soon leave country guarding is going into a station and wait for belonging to own bus.Come at the right moment Vince Carter Unc Jersey, and a railroad train leaves for even state, again next have to wait until 4:00. This is one row the close by passing short way in city contain track tramcar, only four car compartments, seat rarely seen, in the center vacate big unilateral accumulate, also has already provided the passenger with the ring for grasping to hold.Because the car is soon quick, the half-way station orders much, so design into bus style, in order to accept more passengers. The beginning starts a station to order a person combine not much, there are also 12 empty remaining seats, Liao learns the soldier's eye disease leg to have a seat quickly, the comfortable comfortable ground lies down and hope a window to outside fly backset of scenery.The tramcar soon drive a city and once wore village, countryside and forest.Window outside deep blue sky, afloat of the white cloud, the farmer of in the field craft work, all let he the heart one is peaceful. After several stations, person of car gradually many get up, the seat isn't enough, then someone stands.Liao learns a soldier and discovers to nearby have to wrap turban and wears the old woman of the Shan of blue flower soil cloth dress, the body of rickets drives but shakes to sway along with the vehicle.He originally wants to set up for already asleep, can't see everything, and then feel the visions of surrounding crowd all such as the long grass stab the sort shoot on oneself, besides the old woman person lifts one big bag potato the facial expression is utterly exhausted, resemble he dies several years of grandmother, hence station start to say:" Old woman, I soon got off, this seat you sit." The old woman person is hoarse throat to say:"Good kid."Sit up to rub aching legs, take out a few potatoes, wipe out mud with the gusset, smilingly pass to him:"Kid, this is what my home grows, take severals to return to taste, the flavor is good." 78 potatoes, the circle is very billowing slippery very not take, Liao learns a soldier to refuse but old woman's person's good intentions, the Dou is on the dress Jin and by hand carry, the appearance is very funny.He smiles a way:"Thank old woman." A brutish voice suddenly rings out:"Old woman gets up!Render up the elder brothers to the seat, have never seen me and have no a place and sit?" He suddenly twist a head Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, is a skin dark arm the robust man is to old woman's person's appeal. 20 seats of this stanza car compartment, other seats sometimes still girl, on seeing is spiteful mutually, not deal with, also have illicit intercourse the big boy of yellow hair, notter easy to handle, other 3322 seats, see appearances all have 12 companions, only this old woman had better humiliate.As for let to her the glasses Zi of , a see be a hand has no very small strength of weak, root need not consider. The silent short moment of old woman person, the Wei Zhan Zhan ground station rises. The satisfied feeling of that man is overflowed to speech form, or so look around, discover that basic nobody's daring to see is one eye to the this place, glasses Zi side lead body the old woman hand a part, his smiling face is getting more brilliant, just wanted to sit down, the left side rib spread a burst of acute pain, immediately after one sank to fiercely and strongly flood in and immediately ate not to live a strength, the whole bodies all hit car compartment side wall up, he returned to the person whom the face saw raid he, Wu from bawl out a way:"Four eye Zis!Do you want to die?" Liao's learning a soldier to receive doesn't beat as well and toward him several feet in a row fierce Chuai, all kick very weak rib part at the human body.That man temporarily returns however the strength livinged to be subjected to several feet, imitating the Buddha is strong dint to drive a pile machine to hit on the body, painful get the visceras all moved. Who also surprisingly Liao learn soldier's one speech the hair say dozen and then beat not, proper just still gentleness humble, turn an eye to become great anger lion.The persons of full car compartment all stop each other confabulation and under way of trifles, the momentary is silent to have no voice, the voice that hears the car wheel rubbing rail. That man Tan is soft in the ground, have already lost the ability for striking back, the Ai infirmly yells:"You ……why beat me?"Talking shockingly discovers that a people's nose leaks out a blood, condition of the injury not know have much serious, dare the feeling spleen have been already broken.

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