• Thu 5th Dec 2019 - 10:06am

    Are you unable to reset your Account Live password? Follow the steps given here, and access your Microsoft account like before. Well, the first thing you need to do is to open link in any web browser. Here, you will have to type your registered email address or contact number (depending on which among these two you want to use for resetting the Microsoft account password.

    Now, check your email or phone number for the -reset code. Use this code and reset your password. The entire process will not take more than five minutes. Now, if you do not have access to the email registered with your Microsoft account or you have changed your phone number, then there is a different way of resetting the Account Live password.

    In this case, you have to go to page and use any other email address to get the code and then reset the password. For any assistance, call Microsoft support team.
  • Fri 6th Dec 2019 - 11:24am

    Account has many features and applications Hostsailor. I was using it and want to reset the password. I have gone through it and came to know about the steps for resting the password. I think I can follow it. Good to see the blog. 

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