TopicWeight Loss - The Starvation Response and Why it Matters

  • Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 8:49am

    What's the most standard weight loss technique that people try?

    They Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet  go on a diet, right?

    In fact, when most people think about losing weight, that's the first word that comes to mind. I just checked a keyword tool that I have access to, and a couple of months ago, on one search engine, there were 30,400,000 searches for the word "diet" alone...not to mention all the other possible combinations which included that word. Compare that, by the way, to the number of searches for just the phrase "weight loss"...16,600,000.Almost twice as many people went straight for the word "diet" than started out with a little research on "weight loss".

    Of course, you cannot go through a supermarket checkout without seeing all sorts of magazines with this diet or that diet, and it sometimes seems that every celebrity is promoting the diet of his or her choice.It's a bit silly, and actually a bit sad, when you figure that going on a diet is one of the least efficient and effective ways of losing weight!

    You see, it's all because of one little factor built into the human body...the starvation response.Whether you believe in creation or evolution, the fact is that our bodies are designed and equipped to do certain things. Air gets breathed in, food gets eaten, hormones get released into our bloodstreams, we get scared, we get excited, we get bored.



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